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Below are the 12 most asked questions of Kleinert’s®;

1. Do you ship to Canada and Internationally?

Answer: Yes and the related shipping fees are in our customer service area.

2. Do you sell to stores across the USA or only online?

We do also sell through distributors and also to some stores in specific area ie New York market area and northern New Jersey. We would encourage you to ask your local stores to call us to set up an account.

3. Explain how the disposable dress shields work for men or women:

Answer: They are one use-full day products. They have an absorbent area (top layer) which absorbs considerable sweat and they have a waterproof bottom layer which has 3 sticky adhesive strips which attach to clothing for men and women. You just peel off these strips and attach. The product will stay in place all day long. It will not leave any marks on clothing and is even safe on silks. Also great for men with underarm sweating. These will eliminate embarrassment and will not fall off like other competitive products. They are not bulky and will not show under clothing.

4. What's the difference between washable shields with a vinyl barrier and shields with a Fabrapel barrier?

Answer: The vinyl barrier guarantees that sweat will never pass through the shield into your clothing. If you have heavy sweating we recommend these. If you have moderate sweating we recommend the Fabrapel. It eliminates the vinyl and replaces it with a patented water-resistant, heat-resistant and odor-resistant barrier which will never crack, peel or make noise. Many people love the Fabrapel fabric barriers.

5. What are the care instructions as far as washing and drying of the vinyl barrier shields and the Fabrapel shields?

Answer: For both types of shields we recommend hand wash with cold or warm water. No bleach and no heat from a dryer. This will ensure a long life for the products. Bleach and high heat will make the vinyl crack over time and will diminish the Fabrapel treatment. Dry Defense for the athletic clothing is the same as Fabrapel so it follows the same wash and dry as above. You should get between 50-100 washings if the directions are followed as recommended.

6. What are the sizes like for the Valara Garment Shields?

Answer: They are like a bra and are measured using the circumference around your bust not the cup sizes. X-Small is 30”-32” Small is 32"-34", Medium is 36"-38", Large is a 40"-42, X-Large is 44", XX-Large is 46" and XXX-Large is a 48".

7. Are the items returnable?

Answer: The disposable dress shields as well as the incontinence underwear are not returnable. All other items are returnable within 30 days of shipment as long as they have not been washed or worn and are in the original packaging with no changes from original shipment with all tags still in place. Credit will not be provided for the shipping and handling charges associated with the original order.

8. How do you apply the disposable & washable dress shields?

Answer: The disposable dress shields are an easy peel and stick method. Simply remove the adhesive tape and apply in your armpit area to the clothing.

We have adhesive-in washable dress shield styles for convenience and economy, sew-in styles and pin-in style dress shields. The more secure the shields, they better they will function.

9.I am a first time customer so what would you recommend?

Answer: If you are a first time user, we recommend that you try an assortment of our dress and garment shields to determine which style best suits your needs. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call our specialists who will discuss your problem area and suggest products to suit your specific needs.

Suggested Sample Starter Kits For Women: 1 Pack of MW-4903 Disposable Underarm Shields 12 Pair 1 Simply Sheer Valara with Attached Underarm Shields Style #1259NF 1 Pair Washable Dress Shields with Vinyl Barrier and 10 Tapes Style #670A Starter Kit Style #WSK1

Suggested Sample Starter Kits For Men: 1 Pack of MW-4903 Disposable Underarm Shields 12 Pair 1 Sweat proof Crew Neck or V-Neck Undershirt with Attached Underarm Shields Sewn-In Style #FM02 (Crew-Neck) or FM04 (V-Neck Style) Starter Kit Style #MSK1

10. If an item is not in stock, how long will it take to receive?

Answer: All items are manufactured in our production/warehouse facility in Elba, Alabama The factory is always in stock so the shipment to your door can occur normally by the next day or within 72 hours..

11. Are you the same company that Vermont Country Store and BEKA was marketing for?

Answer: Yes. We are the original manufacturer. We are offering the same quality products but at discounted prices.

12. If I bought a product at a store, can I return it to you?

Answer: No. The product must only be returned to the store where you purchased it. They will request credit or exchange from us.