My hyperhydrosis was terrible, sweat halfway down my ribs when...
By Jonon July 6, 2015

I had basically given up that besides botox injections or some procedure that there wasn't a damn thing that could stop me from my underarm sweat. I was wrong! Day 6 for me today and still dry. My hyperhydrosis was terrible, sweat halfway down my ribs when doing minimal activity, just terrible. Thankfully this product really did eliminate the issue.

The first night after application had a little irritation but basically just felt like a tickle.. That was gone by the morning. This is a product I will be continuously purchasing seeing how nothing else has worked for my. Clinical deodorants never stood a chance but these... These things work!

No more facial sweat
By social anxiety sufferer on July 1, 2015
Great product. I suffer from profuse facial sweating due to social anxiety. Sweat shield has eliminated my excessive sweating. I do not sweat from my face at all now. My face does has a shiny look now, at times it appears as if i have on too much lotion. Being shiny however is a hell of a lot better than being sweaty.

Then wipes do irritate my face when first applied. There is about 20-25 minutes of discomfort. It does not wash off in the shower and is water proof. It is best to apply this product at night so that you can shower in the morning. This product keeps me dry under pressure and saved my professional and social life!!!

Worked For Me
By L.N.on April 7, 2015
Finally after years of excessively sweating from the face and top of scalp (hairline area), a remedy has been found. I use the wipes for two consecutive days, applying to my forehead, then I can go up to 4 days sweat free, until again applying before bed. No longer wiping myself down after every set at the gym.

Try these if you want to stay dry for a few days!
By Dan Pechiu "The Great Cornholio"on September 5, 2014
Like everyone else I've used Sweatblock before I found this. They both work the same, only Kleinerts costs less and gives you more product. It says it's for the armpits but I've used them on my chest and back to prevent excessive sweat. It does the job well for several days. The only thing is you have to apply it at night before going to bed so you don't start sweating right away.

deodorant replaced 100%
By Sylviaon September 4, 2014
I've used sweat block(recommended by several) and this works waaay better. Kills sweat and odor about 4 days for me. Others...maybe 8 hrs. (May have shorter effect due to my medications) Lasts through gym sessions, tanning bed, midwest humid horrid heat! Underarm and Groin usage.