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Ultra Absorbent Polymer Plus Linen Protector
Ultra Absorbent Polymer Plus Linen Protector

Our specially designed bedding protectors have the maximum absorbency required to control heavy incontinence issues. These heavy duty pads contain extra super-absorbent SAP polymers which absorb 30 times their weight in urine and assure no wet-thru and staining of bedding or unpleasant odors.

No plastic on its edges are exposed to sensitive skin which can help with skin integrity. Our blue dryness strip prevents moisture from coming back to the skin. Constructed with a strong waterproof polyethelene backing

Size: 36" x 36", Sold as 1 Bag which contains 10 items or in a Case quantity which is 5 Bags / 10 items in each bag.

Color: Peach - Style #3634

Price: $12.99
17.15 CAD 12.34 EUR 10.26 GBP