Wipe Aide Toilet Paper Moistener: Helps Toilet Paper Dissolve Easily Style #5013
Wipe Aide Toilet Paper Moistener: Helps Toilet Paper Dissolve Easily Style #5013
Price: $22.99
  • Easy To Use / Save Money
  • Refillable - Good For Over 1,000 Wipes
  • Environmentally Friendly, Plumbing Safe
  • "The Bidet In A Bottle"
  • Keeps Family Cleaner After Bathroom Use
  • Only Use Clean, Unused Toilet Paper

Wipe Aide is an easy to use, economical, environmentally friendly and plumbing safe alternative to, so called, "flushable" wipes and wet wipes. Wipe Aide won't clog toilets, it's septic safe and you won't have to worry about sewer backup.

Wipe Aide evenly dispenses simply by pushing down on the aerated, blotter head top and a small amount of solution comes out and transforms toilet paper into wipes!! The Wipe Aide dispenser is refillable/reusable so it's a tremendous value that has so many great benefits.

Wipe Aide is great for potty training, adult incontinence, outdoorsman activities, and keeping the whole family cleaner after using the bathroom. Kids will be more confident and actually get excited about using the toilet.

Wipe Aide is a great option to feminine wipes and adult wipes. Why buy a bidet when Wipe Aide will save you hundreds of dollars. You could call Wipe Aide the "Bidet in a Bottle".

Save Money: Refillable, good for over 1,000 wipes. Just pour in a bottle of water and a squirt of soap and you're good to go!

Easy to Use: Just push down to evenly moisten your toilet paper. You can easily control the amount of moisture.

No Worries: Only toilet paper is flushed, so no sewer backup problems.


  1. Gently unscrew the aerated top and remove from the bottle.
  2. Pour a half liter (16.5 ounces) bottle of distilled or purified water into Wipe Aide bottle.
  3. Put in one squirt of anti-bacterial liquid hand soap.
  4. Screw on top, shake gently and Wipe Aide is ready to use.
  5. To reduce the risk of harmful bacterial growth, once a month, pour out all remaining solution, wash out bottle and clean the aerated top and then repeat steps 1 – 4.
  6. You can set the bottle to flat side of the cover/stand to increase height and make it easier to reach.

Always use clean, unused toilet paper.

WARNING: This product is for external use only. Unsafe levels of harmful bacteria will become present in the cleansing solution after a period of time. Therefore, once a month, pour out any remaining solution, clean the bottle and the top and then pour in a fresh bottle of distilled or purified water and a squirt of anti-bacterial liquid soap. (DO NOT USE UNFILTERED TAP WATER).

FIRST AID: If you notice any discomfort or feel ill from using this product, discontinue using it immediately and get medical attention.

IF SWALLOWED, do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth with water and drink a glass of water. Immediately contact a poison control center. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

IF IN EYES, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, get medical attention.