Womens Starter Kit For Light-Moderate Sweating & Odor Control
Womens Starter Kit For Light-Moderate Sweating & Odor Control
Price: $61.98
  • For Light To Moderate Sweating & Odor
  • Exclusive Designs For Women
  • Designed To Wear Over Your Bra
  • Conveniently Snaps Onto Bra Straps
  • Advanced Materials To Ensure Comfort
  • Max Strength Clinical Wipes Stop Sweat Up To 7 Days


Suggested Sample Starter Kits For Women (Light to Moderate Underarm Sweating Protection):

1 Pack Of #MW-4903 Disposable Absorbent Underarm Shields 12 Pair (With 3 Tapes)
12 Pair (24 shields) of highly absorbent, peel & stick, noiseless, thin, discreet, convenient, easily applied disposable unisex underarm shields which adhere (peel & stick) securely to all fabrics including silks providing outstanding protection from sweat, odors and wet-thru clothing staining. Each underarm pad has 3 wide and strong adhesive peel-off strips which will stay securely placed all day long better than any other disposable product made. One size fits all. For men and Women.

1 Simply Sheer Valara With Attached Underarm Shields Containing Fabrapel Barrier - Style #1259NF
Sheer, comfortable, pretty, lightweight 100% nylon garment (like slip material). Enjoy the feeling of freshness with comfort under all types of clothing. Great under silk blouse. Short sleeved design for a variety of tops and blouses. Constructed with 100% Cotton Fabrapel barrier protective underarm shields.

1 Pair Washable "Ready Adjustable Snap On Shields" With Fabrapel Barrier - Style #1114FR
Simple to Attach, Convenient, Adjustable and Discreet Shields that Snap-Onto Your Bra Strap For Regular Sleeves (3 1/2" deep on arm side). Constructed of double ply 100% cotton these washable dress shields are available with patented sweat-resistant, stain-resistant, noiseless and heatless cotton Fabrapel. Special adjustable snaps engage bra straps in front and back. Outstanding protection, comfort and ease of use everyday.

1 Dry Body Antiperspirant Wipes Box (8 Count - 2 Months Supply) - Style #DB01 - The Best Antiperspirant Made For Underarm Sweating As Well As Facial Sweating, Chest & Back Sweating, Foot Sweating And Any Other Place On The Body 
Dry Body ® Wipes patented, all-in-one maximum FDA allowed formulation (15% aluminum chloride base) wipes begin working immediately to effectively block sweat in the area where applied. Depending on your body chemistry, Dry Body ® will eliminate sweating up to 7 days. It is waterproof through showering and contains additional aloes and Vitamin E to reduce all irritation.

Dry Body ® comes in a unique, enlarged 6 inch by 4 inch pre-soaked towelette with the right amount of sweat blocker so that application is easy, convenient and with no mess. 15% Aluminum Chloride is the maximum allowable by the FDA maxing it extra strong in blocking your sweat.