4.0 out of 5 stars I am living proof!, June 25, 2013
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This review is from: Kleinert's Extra Strength Ultra Sweat Shield Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes Eliminates Underarm Perspiration Up to 7 Days - 10 Packets (Health and Beauty)
works as described and reviewed. The sweating has subsided and could not be happier! This product is the best! Highly recommend

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My boyfriend has had a horrible sweating problem for as long as he can remember. Nothing ever helped and he was considering Botox injections. Well we had received a free sample of the regular sweat shield and I was hoping they would help him, but they didn't. In my recent order I purchased the Sweat Shield Ultra (Dry Body Antiperspirant) for extreme protection and for 4 days he had no sweat from his underarms. He never wore shirts that weren't black because he was extremely embarrassed. Even wearing a black shirt his sweat would show.

He is so happy and has even gotten a security guard who had the same problem try them! Well success!!! It worked for him too. We live and work in Florida, so it's almost always hot. And he works at a theme park in entertainment, running around in the heat and still nothing. Thank you so much We will be customers for life.


Amy Lawrence

See no sweat and he is on stage in 90 degree weather

Amazon Order: 1 of Kleinert's Sweat Shield - Clinical Ultra Antiperspirant - Eliminate Sweat for up to 7 Days (Depending Upon Body Chemistry) Per Use, Safe and Soothing

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This product works for me it's great !!

Thank you : )  

Teresa Herrera


I have a question to ask, but first i must describe a little bit first: I had recently ordered a sweat proof shirt (love it!) a pack of sweat shields wipes (8 wipes) and also added on the free sweat shield wipe (SSU5) onto my order, received everything ok. I used 1 wipe from the 8 pack 2 nights ago. Didnt work that well the following day, id say it cut down the sweating 5% in total. I figured it would take a few consecutive nights of using the wipes before actually seeing improvement. So last night i was eager to retry in hopes to stay dry the next day. but this time i tried the free single Ultra wipe you guys sent me with my order. I was not prepared for what came next.

I had to be up early the following morning for an 8 hour shift then straight to a fantsy dinner with my girlfriend and her family (high stress situations aka sweating galore) so I was desperate to stay dry. Id also like to add that it cut down my sweating 90%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even more. I havent had a near sweat free day in years!!!! I was in such a good mood all day it was amazing. So thanks for that bit of happiness.

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