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Non-Detergent Laundry Soap




Style # SBS1 - Price: $19.99   

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Soapberry is effective, as well as gentle. It does not contain any bleaching agents. You can use it safely with colored clothes. Laundry done with it is chemical free. The laundry also comes out odorless. You will have freshly washed clothes free of harmful chemicals. Soapberry cleans fine wool, linen, silks, cotton, everything!

Soapberry is also used to relieve conditions like eczema and psoriasis because it does not contain any chemicals that irritate the skin. Soapberry is frequently used by people with extremely sensitive skin. It has a unique anti-microbial property that helps kill germs and reduce skin problems.

Thanks for helping save our environment!

Recommended For Care Of Our Garments

Soapberry Soap is highly recommended by Kleinert’s for the care of all Kleinert’s® garments especially for those made with our special Fabrapel® treatment. Because Fabrapel® is sensitive, its functionality will be diminished by harsh detergents like Tide. In order to have a long useful life with our garments Soapberry is the only product we are aware of that meets our standards.

Ideally all of Kleinert’s® products should be washed by hand in a sink in a garment bag with Soapberry soap. This will ensure a long life for our special products.

Medium HE load: One squirt,
Medium standard load: Two squirts.

Adjust as needed for best results. Use as desired for mixing your household cleaning solutions. When inserting pump, do so over something, (or your washer) to catch any potential overflow. No need to waste a drop!

Soapbery Soap is available in a 1 oz. trial size for $2.99 - Style #SBS2 or an 8 oz. pump bottle for $19.99. All of your clothing may be washed with soap berry and the result will be clean smelling and clean clothes. The 8 oz. soapberry bottle is equivalent to 17 Lbs of Tide detergent so the formulation is highly concentrated and effective. * If you must wash our products in a machine we suggest cold water with no bleach or detergent and air dry.

Full Ingredient List:

Pure Saponin Aqueous Extract From "100% Sapindus Mukorossi", Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Leaf Extract(olea europea leaf extract), Potassium Sorbate & Sodium Benzoate.

Mother Nature never seems to let us down in our search for better, healthier ways to live our lives. We proudly introduce this gift she has provided us. In keeping with our mission of bringing you effective, green, safe, chemical-free, non-toxic alternatives to products that poison our lives on a daily basis, we present our introductory line of Soap Nuts and other Soap Nut products. Trademarked " Kleinert's NaturOli Soapberry", soap nuts are extremely gentle, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, additive free, yet highly effective. They are low sudsing and eco-friendly - soap nuts do not pollute our waters. They also dramatically reduce the need for additives such as fabric softeners and dyer sheets.

Soap Nuts (also commonly referred to as Chinese soap berries, and soapberries) are available in their raw form, powder, extremely concentrated liquid laundry soap (that is also superb for many household cleaning needs) plus even in a Saponin and Olive soap bar, and soap nuts shampoo bar. Soap nuts are the most pure, green laundry soap and natural laundry detergent available. In all except liquid form, they are a completely synthetic chemical, additive-free detergent and all-purpose cleaner. It simply doesn't get "greener" than this!

Vegetable Glycerin and Olive Leaf Extract enhance our concentrated Soap Nuts liquid laundry soap to be extra soothing for sensitive skin. There are no "foo-foo" ingredients, oils or scents. Only the highest quality food grade preservatives are used to extend shelf life for TWO years. This is a very serious formulation to be the most concentrated, effective and earth friendly laundry detergent and cleaner available today.

Only 8-OUNCES will replace the need for 17-POUNDS of conventional laundry products like Tide! Truly amazing.

Absolutely ideal for High Efficiency, (HE) - and all front loading washing machines!