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Sweatproof Undershirts & T-Shirts For Women

The Most Advanced and Effective Sweatproof and Sweat-Resistant  Undershirts Made!

Our multi-patented sweat-resistant, stain-resistant and odor-resistant breathable Fabrapel cotton undershirts are much more protective than any other shirts made anywhere! No other shirts provide the comfort with noiseless sweat and odor protection that our shirts do. Only Kleinert's has Fabrapel which provides an undetectable sweat barrier so that the sweat does not transfer to your outer blouse or clothing. Thus sweat stains are eliminated and you stay confident all day long.

Additionally available are our sewn-in enlarged underarm shields which not only absorb underarm sweat but also prevent it from migrating the the outside where others will notice. Our undetectable, comfortable and specially enlarged (6"x71/2") sweatproof underarm shields are hand-sew-in and provide unmatched protection.

Even the body fabric of these shirts are made with our patented Fabrapel treatment so for those who experience compensatory sweating, even they can be fully protected.


Our Waterproof Vinyl-Urethane Barrier Shields are ideal for moderate to heavy sweating.

These shields are constructed with 4 layers which use materials that promote ultimate dryness and comfort.

The top layer is a soft, comfortable Nylon mesh transfer layer which provides for a quick dry-out.

The second layer is constructed of double napped cotton and provides excellent perspiration absorption.

The third layer is constructed with a soft Vinyl-Urethane waterproof barrier which eliminates any cracking or peeling.

The fourth layer is constructed of a soft, cool cotton which gives a top quality appearance.

Machine washable over 100 times.

*Note: All of our undershirts are hand sewn and as such require more time to produce and ultimately ship out. Please recognize this and factor at least a week to ship all regular orders with standard mail. If however, you need the shirts quicker;  you may stipulate priority or express shipment.

Although this is slightly/more expensive, you will be moved to the head of our production line and normally we ship these order out the next day or the Monday following the weekend. We do this to accommodate the needs of our customers traveling and have specific scheduling needs.