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STYLE # U-4900 AND # U-4903

Ultra Absorbent Underarm Shields For Excessive Sweating. For Men & Women

Style Number: U-4900 (6 Pair)
For Moderate to Heavy Sweating

Style Number: U-4903 (12 Pair)
For Moderate to Heavy Sweating

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Size:  5" x 5 1/2"

CHOOSE YOUR PACK: STYLE #U-4900 - 6 Pair (12 Shields) $7.99
STYLE #U-4903 - 12 Pair (24 Shields) $12.99
STYLE #U-4900 TRI-PACK - 18 Pair (36 Shields) $22.97
STYLE #U-4903 TRI-PACK - 36 Pair (72 Shields) $36.97
STYLE #U-4903 (Case) - 72 Packs $699.00
Price: $12.99   


Ultra Absorbent 3X Greater To Stop Wet-Thru For Heavier Sweating
Effective Odor Stopper
Easy Peel & Stick
Comfortable & Discreet
Saves On Dry Cleaning


12 Pair (24 shields) of "Ultra" Absorbent (three times as absorbent as above) and just as thin but more sturdy, completely noiseless, discreet, convenient disposable underarm shields which adhere securely (peel & stick) to all fabrics including silks providing outstanding protection from odors and wet-thru staining. Quick drying. Non-woven ultra-absorbent top layer and waterproof back layer. No pins, straps or washing necessary. Save on dry cleaning bills. Safe on silks. For men and women. Adhesive backing style with 2 adhesive sections top and bottom. Easy peel & remove silicone layer. One size fits all. Each pair individually wrapped.

Styles: U-4903 & U-4900.

Colors: White Only. Measures: 5" x 5 1/2"


More Information

We are aware that men and women with excessive sweating issues have specific needs so we created our advanced “Ultra Absorbent Disposable Product”. Now men and women who have excessive sweating can comfortably wear these highly absorbent functional disposables with no chance of unsightly obviousness. Measuring 5” x 5 1/2” these can be discreetly worn everyday with no fear of embarrassment. They feel comfortable and protect better than any other competitive product at a better price.

These Ultras have a special fabric which allows over 3 times the absorbency of our standard products. The fluid is absorbed quickly and even dries out quickly! The non-woven fabric even helps eliminate odors! This product has been extremely successful for us….Kleinert’s has again raised the bar for ultimate quality and performance.